Sometimes its difficult to juggle all the tasks involved in running your business. Handling a website, an email campaign, plus all those social media sites can easily seem like an overwhelming puzzle. Finding the right pieces to fit that puzzle is a task all its own – and that’s how we help.  Provini Marketing is the solution to that endeavor.

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The details surrounding the creation of your social media marketing campaign is crucial. Provini Marketing is fully responsible for creating the blog’s user interface as well as the verbiage to drive your content and cross promoting this information to a vast array of networks.

Provini Marketing hires quality writers and editors to write content specifically related to your field and individual business. The more relevant the content, the greater chance users via Facebook, Twitter & other social media outlets will not only view the content but share to their networks as well. All content is unique, never reproduced or copied from other sources.

Founder Alexis Provini

alexis proviniOwner, Alexis Provini, has spent many years in the worlds of business, marketing, and talent. Modeling professionally since age 13 she received an inside look at what it takes to make it in the world of modeling as a career. After being signed to two national modeling agencies and working on countless photoshoots and castings, she decided she wanted to learn the business end of things.

After becoming an early high school graduate she continued her education by learning the ways of business and business management. During her education, she worked along side the owners and presidents of several local businesses. It was at this time she decided it was time to pursue her dream of owning her own business.

Utilizing the connections that she had made along the way, Alexis founded Provini Marketing – a business that assists businesses, talent, and anyone who wants to make an impact achieve their goals. Provini Marketing now works with local business and through digital marketing, social media, and a cutting edge entrepreneurial attitude – helps to give businesses a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing economy. PM also works with local talent to help them develop themselves as professionals, find work, and achieve their career goals. As Provini expands, the goal is to never lose sight of the hussle in Alexis’s heels that got her to where she is today and to individually address our client’s visions – one at a time, no matter how large or small.

Alexis is currently in the running for the title of Miss. Connecticut USA, and hopes to use this title as a platform to inspire young woman to enter the business world, and dreamers of any kind to keep on pushing to achieve their goals.